About Event

Q 1

If I graduate from school in March 2020 or September 2020, am I eligible to participate?

A 1

Yes, you are, but you will lose your eligibility as soon as you don't belong to a school.

When you graduate, please keep the number of your teammate three or above.

You need to leave your teammates to finish the remaining programs.

Q 2

Is there any age limitation for the participant?

Some graduate students take their master's degree after working for several years.

A 2

No, Age is not limited.

Q 3

Can we change teammates?

A 3

Yes, you can.

Whenever you change team information, please re-submit the updated application form.

Q 4

Is the country indicated in the entry qualifications the school location or nationality?

A 4

School location.

Therefore, international students who are enrolled in countries with qualifications can participate.

Q 5

Is it possible to collaborate with other college or university students?

For example, can a team be consisted of student from different schools or a mixed between high school students and college students?

A 5

Yes, you can make a team from different college and university.

Please note that no one cannot belong to multiple teams.

Q 6

How do you conduct preliminary round?

A 6

Preliminary round will be held in each country.

Before the preliminary round, the POC of each country will contact you regarding the implementation method. For details, please contact the POC of each country.

Q 7

Where will the qualification round be held?

A 7

We will held it on JAXA's simulation environment.

Everyone can attend from home or classroom.

Q 8

Do you divide competition by academic level such as elementary, middle, high school, and college departments?

A 8


The competition will be held with the same content and scoring method at any academic level.

About Program/PC

Q 1

Are there any restrictions of the PC specs used in the competition?

A 1

4GB RAM is needed, 8GB RAM is recommended.

If you install the Astrobee simulator and Android emulator on your local PC, 8GB RAM is needed and 16GB RAM is recommended. Recommended browser is Google Chrome. There are no restrictions on the OS, but it is required to install the Android Studio and build your programs.

Q 2

Can we use native codes complied by languages other than Java?

A 2

No, you must develop your program with Java only.

Astrobee's guest user program is designed as Java application which work on Android device.

There might be inconsistency when installed in Astrobee if you mix the languages.

Q 3

The program development procedure is difficult to understand.

Is there an easy-to-understand about explanation?

A 3

Yes, please refer to the figure below.

Q 4

I can not build the APK with gradle. It looks like the unsupported version.

A 4

It might be a problem of a version conflict between gradle plugin in Android Studio and APK configuration.

About the details, please refer to Section 3.1 of Programming Manual.

Q 5

Once we succeeded uploading an APK and the simulator was running, it suddenly disconnected/stopped/aborted. Was it caused by the APK that we made?

A 5

You cannot run the APK without JAXA's designated template code.

Please write a program in compliance with the programming manual.

(see Programming Manual).