Kibo-RPC Mission Patch
Frequently Asked Questions
About Event
If I graduate from school in March 2024 or September 2024, am I eligible to participate?
Some postgraduate students receive their master's degree after working for several years. Is there an age limit for participants?
Can we change teammates?
Which country should I apply to for the URL I choose when I enter, the location of the school or the nationality of the representative?
Is it possible to collaborate with students attending other colleges or universities?
For example, can a team consist of students from different schools or a mix between high school students and college students?
Could you tell me the details of the Preliminary Round?
Where will the Qualification Round be held?
Is this competition divided by academic level such as elementary school, middle school, high school, and college departments?
I have applied to participate through the application URL, but I have not received my ID and PW.
About Program/PC
Are there any restrictions on the PC specs used in the competition?
Can we use native codes complied by languages other than Java?
The program development procedure is difficult to understand.
Is there an easy-to-understand explanation of the procedure?
I cannot build the APK with Gradle. It may be an unsupported version.
We successfully uploaded the APK and the simulator was running, but it suddenly disconnected/stopped/aborted. Was it caused by the APK that we made?
What is Quaternion?
Could you explain and share information about Quaternion in the simulator?
Is it possible for beginners to participate?
If FAQ does not resolve an issue, please contact the secretariat as follows:
Kibo-RPC secretariat
When sending an email, please write your name, nationality, and the country/region of residence before asking your question. And please summarize your question in the subject of the email.