Oct 2019 Call for Participation
  • Call for participation starts from October 11th 2019.

How to Enter
the Kibo-RPC
  • Participants will have access to the GitHub repository provided by NASA to learn about the programming of the space robot (Astrobee).

Nov 2019 Program Development
  • Initial release of simulation environment is planned for November 20th 2019.

  • Participants will create programs using JAXA's simulation environment.

Jun 2020 Preliminary Round
Preliminary Round
  • It will be hosted by domestic space agency in June 2020.

  • Winning team(s) among Kibo-ABC countries/regions will go to the final round.

Qualification Round
Qualification Round
  • In the current plan, six countries/regions will proceed to the final round. If more than six countries/regions will pass the preliminary round, a qualification round will be carried out to select finalists.

Aug 2020 Program Refine
  • Finalists refine programs for ISS final round.

  • ISS rehearsals may take place in August 2020.

Oct 2020 Final Round in ISS / Kibo
Final Round in ISS / Kibo
  • It will be hosted by JAXA at Tsukuba Space Center around October 2020.

  • There will be real time connections with ISS and will be also broadcasted world wide.